Owners wanted - baseball

League 207 - a $75, FG pts league, is seeking 3 new owners for 2022 season. Teams are Baddoo, A Rozerena and Acuna Matata. Baddoo has some good pieces (Soto, Stanton, Robert, $3 Chris Taylor, Cole). If you like the SS position, A Rozerena might be your team (Turner, Franco ($3), Story, Lindor) & more. Acuna is a rebuild but has a few attractive building blocks. Pls let me know if you have interest before we start the arbitration season.

I would be interested in taking a team. Can you send me a link so i can take a look at available teams

Great. Here is a link to the league page:

Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Cargill Tax.


A Rozerena:


Let me know if this does not work.

I would love to take over Arozarena. More than happy to renew now also

Okay - i will contact the owner and if you can send me your email I can switch that now.

His team has a lot to work with. He is a long time owner who just got caught up with other things.

Have you been or are you in other Fg pts leagues so you understand how that works?

I joined the Ottoneu community for the first time this year. I am in several other fg pts leagues - 3 first year leagues and i took over 2 other teams about 6 weeks ago. I love the format and cannot wait to go through the offseason for the first time.

tacodaddy1@gmail.com is email.

Hi - sorry this took a couple of days but I have added you as the owner and you should be able to access the team now. Pls let me know if you aren’t able to. We had a pretty dramatic last weekend in the league and I was a bit wrapped up in that.

Welcome to the league.