Owners wanted for new league - $50 FanGraphs Points

Brand-new Ottoneu league set up for players who are committed to a competitive but friendly fantasy baseball league.

Part of my reason for starting this new league is that I’m a passionate baseball fan living in Scotland - where baseball is about as popular as coronavirus. I want to find other people who are up for discussing baseball on a regular basis, not just on the messaging board but potentially on a group chat too.

Please message me if interested!
Scoring format - FanGraphs Points
Tier - $50
Number of total teams - 12
Auction draft date - undecided
Lineups - Daily

Interested, i am an owner of 7 teams,


Here is a link to league https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/processinvite?code=eyJMZWFndWVJRCI6IjEyMTMiLCJJbnZpdGVyIjoiZnJrZWxseTEiLCJJbnZpdGVySUQiOiIyMDUwNzAifQ==

Password is nightwing