P/G in Games Started

Hi. Thanks @nivshah for all the updates to the site so far this season! P/G and P/IP were two of my biggest wants coming into the year and the updates to the mobile site have been awesome.

This may be tough to do, but I’m wondering if there is a way to show P/G in games where the player was in the starting lineup. For most players, pinch-hit appearances will not skew the P/G number too much, as they start in most games. However, to take an example from my team, Wilmer Flores has more pinch-hit appearances (I believe) than games started this year. As such, just looking at his last 10 games, Flores is averaging 8.84 in games where he started and -0.20 in games where he came up as a pinch hitter. Obviously, over a full season, the disparity would never be so extreme, but it would be useful to see these differences for players like Flores who do not start as often as others.

Thanks for your continued development of this site!!


To expand the point, this would be super helpful for those of us who use platoon players as a strategy. For example, Curtis Granderson is 2/3 of a useable fifth OF because he is mostly a starter with good PPG, but the games where he comes in after a left-handed SP comes out can really make him look useless on a per-game basis.