Payment Updates

I’ve been told that the one-time withdrawal stuff will be ready for me to test on Monday.


I’ve updated the Ottoneu Prize Tracker to also include any Refunds we’ve granted, due to a league being shut down or other issues.

You can find the prize & refund tracker here. It is also directly linked at the top of your User Dashboard

You’ll notice that the Withdraw button is currently disabled. Once we have fully tested the one-time withdrawal functionality with Paydala, it will be enabled and you will be able to use Paydala to withdraw your Ottoneu prizes back to your bank account.

I am actively developing and testing this now!


The basic outline of the flow is working. I am spending time polishing the user experience. I believe the withdrawal process for prizes should be ready next week.


We are just moving some money around to make sure everyone’s prizes can be withdrawn. Once the US banking system gets all the funds where they are supposed to be, that withdrawal button will be activated.

Thanks again for your patience. Like I said, this is entirely too late, and in future seasons we will have your prizes within a week or so of the relevant season ending.


thanks for all you do - the Ottoneu community thanks you!


Second to last update: all our transfers have cleared on the bank level. Paydala has kicked off their final internal process after acknowledging they received the transfers, and I believe the withdrawal button will be enabled tomorrow for everyone.


We’ve done three small tests yesterday and today and just had a complete flow work for someone. I’ll make that sweet withdraw button live for everyone tomorrow, pending feedback from Paydala


Prizes are now available to be withdrawn. You can visit your prize & refund tracker, press the blue Withdraw button, and the process will be kicked off through Paydala. A couple of notes:

  1. You’ll have to give the last 4 of your SSN, as well as your home address. This is for a KYC check that is required by basically every bank involved in this transaction. Entering the home address requires clicking a subtle link, so just keep an eye out for it. Once you do this first KYC check, I believe it is not required again for some long period of time.

  2. I ran a couple of tests yesterday and were able to confirm that 3 customers have successfully withdrawn their money to their bank accounts. However, we have an open issue with Ally Bank not working correctly, and Paydala and their partners are actively investigating. If you use Ally Bank, we should have more information on what is going on shortly.

If you have any questions, please email I again must repeat that I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding, and I know this has just simply taken too long. The good news is now we have our integration working entirely, and we should be good going forward.

Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu!


For anyone who is having issues, please email Do not post here.

I will need to get a lot of information from you in order to give the developers and management at Paydala enough feedback to resolve any issues. I’ve already done this for 3 users, and I am more than happy to act quickly to help anyone else who emails.

I’m going to keep this thread clear of any questions about the withdrawal process.


Super easy. Thank you!

Glad to hear it!

There are a few sets of problems we are investigating:

  1. If you are not located in the United States when you are trying to make a withdrawal, please email ASAP. Do not pass Go, etc. The system will not work for you and I am trying to sort out what options we have to get you your money.

  2. If your bank is not on the list of banks currently supported, email ASAP. Also do not pass Go, etc. I have at least 2 customers who have this issue that we are actively working to support.

The bank processor that Paydala uses (as Paydala does not store any of your information) is actively helping us out with issues. We’ve had a lot of issue-free withdrawals, but if you are having trouble, please email me.

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Thanks, Niv! Do we have a general expectation for processing time?

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I believe 2-4 business days is a reasonable expectation for these transfers, and Paydala has told me similarly. I’m waiting for an update tonight because our first tests were done on Tuesday and I expect money to be in those accounts today, but they have not hit quite yet.


Makes sense! Thank you!


I’ve received confirmation that one of the people that tested withdrawals on Tuesday sees a pending deposit from Paydala as of EOD yesterday. It looks like these ACH transfers will take the standard 3-4 full business days.


The Tuesday withdrawals have hit bank accounts today, and anyone who was able to withdraw last Wednesday should see money in their bank accounts tomorrow.

We’ve had 104 total successful withdrawals, with about 6 of you having bank processing issues and a few others having technical or international issues. Please email if you’re having any problem withdrawing money. If you have any general questions, you can email me or post them here. Thanks again everyone for the patience throughout this whole process!

EDIT Confirmed from at least one user that Wednesday withdrawals hit bank accounts today!


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