Peculiar stats in search results

The stats in the search results seem off:

Looks like they’re multiplied by the number of positions the player is eligible for?

I think your guess as to what is happening here is right. As to WHY, I’m not sure and will investigate.

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I do not see anything like those stats for when I search for Brandon Lowe. Could you let me know the precise search you did to get those results?

Sure. I unchecked SP and RP.

Ok, I have some idea as to what is going on here.

As an aside, I really could not recommend enough that you click on the FanGraphs Free Agent Leaderboard link and use that instead.

Alright, alright. I confess – I was using the search results as a way to scan the player pool for red newspaper icons. See who has interesting spring training news. I should maybe just read RotoWire. Or Twitter. Or… a book. Pandemics, eh? Helluva time.


Well either way, you found a valid bug. I’m investigating.

I’ve taken a pass at fixing this bug. I believe it is fixed but will do a bit more testing tomorrow.

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Look at Mike Minor in Players search page (24G, 22 GS), then on his player page (12 G, 11 GS across two teams). Players search page is doubling the stats.

Ok, this sounds familiar! Will check it out.

I believe this issue should be fixed.

Listed here as having played 11 games for each NYY & SFG (Correct)

In FA search though, he’s listed as having played 11 games total , and his PPG is incorrectly calculated on that figure.

It’s pretty obviously only showing his Giants games in search right?

Oh wow it is wonky! It’s showing his aggregate stats but dividing by 11 games instead of 22. I’ll see what is what here.

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It is wonkier than I could have imagined. It’s a bug that affects all players who have played an equal number of games on two separate teams in one MLB season. I should be able to get to it this afternoon.


Ok I believe this is fixed, though I am sure there is another edge case or two out there. These bugs are all related to speed enhancements to player search, for the record.



I was just looking through FA and noticed Sam Long’s IP / G / GS / K all being a little weird… Upon reviewing his ERA/WHIP in the below, his ratios were fine, but might there be a bug with how some of these fields are calculating? I’m not sure how to get to 60 IP for Long even when considering his MILB numbers this season.


P.S. ignore gomber, he was just the highest add on the 30ADD% and i wanted the table headers

Hm that does seem weird. I’ll look into it.

Please let me know if anyone see any other pitchers or hitters with some weird stats in search. I’ve massively refactored that stuff for speed but I’m sure I overlooked something.

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Looks like some stats are being multiplied by 4 here. Sounds familiar to me, think we had this with a hitter earlier this year…

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This looks like it is fixed, and in making this fix I ended up entirely rewriting how we pull stats for search. So if anyone sees anything weird in search results, please let me know, but I think this fix should take care of all the issues in this thread.

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