Player Career Statistics

On the player cards, would it be possible to add career numbers at the bottom of their stats, so we know what their career PPG or PIP numbers are? Would be very helpful! Especially for players who didn’t have a full season last year and will only get at most 2 months of playing this year. Saves me from having to do extra math :slight_smile:


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You can get career stats (incl total FG Pts) for everyone on your team at once (or another team, or FA, etc.) on the Fangraphs Sortable Stats link from the Players section in Ottoneu. Just change The first year of the filter to however far back you want to look.

The thing missing there is PPG or PPIP.

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Yeah I’m aware of that. This doesn’t change my request for it to actually be on the player card in Ottoneu instead of having to do several extra clicks. And your way still requires me to do the math.