Player Notes Missing Analysis Section Since All Star Break?

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I have noticed that I’m only getting the very basic first line (“So and so is starting at 2nd base tonight against the Spiders”) and not the bit the comes after it any more. This seems to be the case since the All Star Break. Anything that can be fixed?



I’ll let Rotowire know that their analysis has been lacking since the ASB :slight_smile:


Because i’m ignorant, I’m not sure if you’re saying it’s out of your hands or that you actually do need to talk to them. Sorry if i’m barking up the wrong tree here!

I noticed that if I go to Rotowire I can see the basic stuff that’s posted, but there’s a separate “analysis” box that they have behind a paywall. I don’t know if that’s what used to come through to Ottoneu or not because I’m not familiar with Rotowire.

Either way, thanks for the response :slight_smile:


Credit where credit is due: I looked into this a bit more and @BuckoSama is right, there has been a complete lack of the Analysis field in our database since July 9th. I’m working with FanGraphs and Rotowire to sort this one out. Thanks!

I had originally thought Rotowire was just low on Analysis because it’s the dog days of July, but something is in fact broken.


Great, thank you!


Hi, Niv, is this feature coming back?



I’m actually meeting with David at FanGraphs this afternoon to talk to him about it. It’s definitely coming back!


Awesome, thank you! Maybe I use it as more of a crutch than I should, instead of doing fuller research, but it definitely helps me play much more efficiently. Thanks again!


We did a deep dive on what is going on with this particular news feed and figured out what is going on. I would expect the Analysis field to start showing up again next week. You’ll have to do a little bit more heavy lifting until then :slight_smile:


This is still broken, for what it’s worth. I’ve kind of gotten used to it being down, but just wanted to let you know that it was not fixed.



Yeah I know… I’ll update this thread when it finally gets addressed.


The Rotowire “Analysis” field is being displayed once again on player pages / in player news.

Sorry about the delay on this.