Player Search check box for on trade block

I’m no programmer, so I have no clue how any of this works. That said, would it be possible to add a check box on the player search page that would only return players that are listed on the trade block? Kinda like how you check off the box to return free agents only.

I think it would be great to quickly bring up a list of position eligible guys that are on the block as opposed to reading each trade block and going over position eligibility when I’m only looking for a shortstop as an example.

I voted for this, although I think that the utility of the feature (if implemented) would vary considerably from league to league based on whether participants actively manage their trading blocks. I’m in leagues where most people keep it updated and other where most people haven’t updated them in years (if ever). But perhaps this would encourage people to maintain their trade blocks more regularly, which would be a good thing in terms of fostering league engagement.

So IMHO it would be a good addition and streamline the process of identifying players on the trade block that satisfy certain criteria without having to visually scan the trade block page.

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I like this idea too, and I think Walt is right that it could improve engagement for teams that don’t really update their trade blocks. But, maybe the search could live on the trade block screen? That would probably be more intuitive. Or possibly porting the trade wizard logic for highlighting players on trade blocks over to search?

My $0.02 - I’m not sure it would be terribly helpful to show only players on the block in the search results. There won’t be many of them and I would like to compare players I could acquire via trade with free agent alternatives and players I already have on my team.

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Just a thought: you could add a check box for including trade block players in the search results. It would be similar to the “include my team” option for searching free agents. This option would allow for comparison of available players, whether free agents or trade targets.