Players traded in the off-season showing their previous MLB / professional teams

Is there a scheduled update coming for data relating to basic player information? I notice there are several minor league players who are assigned to the wrong MLB parent team and several others (including the entire 2020 draft class) who are not assigned to a team at all. I’m curious if there is an update coming that will address these issues.

Yeah generally as the season gets going, FanGraphs gets more player information updates and Ottoneu will reflect accordingly. If there is information that is correct on FanGraphs but not on Ottoneu, let me know.

Jorge Mateo is listed as a Padre on FG but still with Oakland on Ottoneu.

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Oh I see. We put players on the last team they generated stats on. Seems like there is a better way. I’ll move this over to a tech support issue.

My apologies if this was brought up elsewhere, I am seeing the same thing for Taylor Trammell. Fangraphs shows him with Seattle now, but Ottoneu still shows San Diego.

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Trammel and Jeter Downs have this issue because we set minor league team based on the last team they played a game for. I haven’t quite uncovered how FG handles this and gets Downs/Trammel correct, but if I uncover it I’ll absolutely fix this.

Steven Souza Jr. and Steve Cishek, who both signed a minor-league deal with an invite to Spring Training with the Astros, both have a “TEX” designator next to their names.

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Both these guys are TEX with FG, so a little different than Trammel and Downs. Might be a data entry error with our shared feed or something.

Fair enough.

I figured it would work itself out if Souza and/or Cishek were added to Houston’s Opening Day roster, anyway.

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Regular season baseball would fix a lot of things.

Niv – I saw an old, closed thread on this and not sure if you still want us to post when players are on the wrong teams, but Taylor Trammel is one of those – it shows him in AA for the Padres. Thanks.

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Right, this is still a “bug” - I haven’t bothered to change how we pull MLB orgs for players because it’s kind of unwieldy and once they play baseball they’ll show up on the right teams, but yeah, definitely still an issue.

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