Pre-weather Delay "Opener"

Phillies Dodgers kicked off at 7:05 today but a storm is brewing (literally, a rain storm). Attempting to outsmart the weather, Girardi is “starting” reliever Connor Brogdon so that Kyle Gibson can “start” uninterrupted by weather after the impending weather delay.

This is a goofy situation that is uniquely impactful in Ottoneu. I can’t imagine too many teams have Brogdon and his 1-2 innings may notean as much but a lot of teams will miss out on a start from Gibson, even though he may give 6 solid innings tonight. Curious to see if this has happened before? Is there a manual adjustment/intervention here? Or just tough luck?

Earlier this year, there was a game where the Padres brought in Joe Musgrove as a RP unexpectedly. He pitched 5 near perfect innings and got the win (if you play 5x5). He had been scheduled to start the following day, so guys missed out on those 5 high quality innings and he skipped a turn in the rotation. That was particularly annoying.

Results wise it ended up not mattering much this time, curious about the process though

Although Gibson didn’t start, it’s counting as one in my starts remaining category. I hope Ottoneu can fix this before tonight!