Production Screen shows player's most recent added date

The production by player table shows the player’s most recent acquisition date, not the acquisition date for the team. Would it be possible for this to show the player’s initial acquisition date or the date range of the games played?

Production page for TINSTAAPP Wasteland:

Player transactions:

This is production for that team… not sure what the bug is…

It’s the date, just the date, heh.

The date shows when your team acquired him correctly, yeah?

No, it shows when TBD acquired him.

Ohhhhh ok I got you now. Reading comprehension was not great today

Heh, no worries. It seemed to be universal, for what it’s worth, so you should be able to see this for any team.

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Ok, this should show the correct acquisition date now. If you acquired a player multiple times, it will show the most recent date acquired.


I’ve granted @doorbot the Bug Catcher badge, which I apparently underutilize.


Thanks Niv!