Projected games different on lineups and standings

Why does the projected game pace on the standings page differ from the one shown on my lineups page?

The standings page is always on the last day with stats. Right now it is showing everything as of July 13. The lineups page is showing everything as of July 14 right now. If you go back to July 13 on the lineup page, you’ll see that the projected games are the same on the lineup page for July 13 and the standings page for July 13.

Once games start today and stats for today start coming in, I’d expect the projected games number to be the same on both pages for July 14.

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I just noticed that the values for projected innings and games are different if you look on your team’s lineup page versus the standings page. Currently about 10 innings more projected on Standings page, and about a game or two more on Standings page as well. Do we know which one is more accurate and/or how to make sure they both reflect the same number?

Please check out this thread and see if it helps.

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Thanks Niv

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