PUP status not displaying correctly

Rashaad Penny is not showing up as IR eligible. Other players on the IR, like Mariota and Tyrell Williams have the designation.

Rotowire is our injury data provider and has Rashaad Penny on the PUP-R list:


I do not think we display PUP-R on the site correctly, so I’ll check that out right now. However, PUP-R does not grant an extra roster spot.

Rashaad Penny is now correctly showing up as being on the PUP.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response.

Niv, it doesn’t appear that PUP granted an extra roster spot.

Yeah PUP does not do that, I totally miswrote earlier. I meant to write PUP-R does NOT grant an extra roster spot, unlike IR. I edited my earlier message. Sorry, wild morning.