Question about adding/immediately cutting

Hi all, I’ve seen some of the more advanced owners in my league frequently start an auction, win a player for $1, then cut soon after the auction ends. I’ve gone through the roster rules, and there doesn’t seem to be any benefit to doing this? Is there anything I’m missing here, or is it just as straightforward as they didn’t expect to win the auction/no longer have a need for the player? Thanks!

Probably a miscalculation. If you start auctions that you expect to lose, then you exhaust someone’s cap so that it’s easier to get a player that you actually want down the road. I don’t do it because I don’t want to risk a cap penalty, but I’ve observed some people do.

I have done this when trying to eliminate a cap penalty. Once the 30 day time period has gone by, there is no harm in nominating with the hope that someone else wins the player and gets me a buck. If they don’t, there is no harm (other that the owner loses the chance to nominate /bid on them again for 30 days).

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