Recently traded basketball players cannot be put into lineup

Bol Bol will not show up in our lineup for tonight no matter how many times we add him. have tried benching all players many times and re-adding them and it does nothing. our trade for him processed 30 minutes ago and his game starts in 5 minutes. any help is appreciated.

Team is The Gobert Report. We’d love his blocks and FG% if possible tonight

screen recording of what’s happening. if there is anyway to place him at a UTIL spot and retroactively apply his stats it would be really appreciated.

I’ll look into this tonight or tomorrow morning. Can’t watch videos right now but can you put him in tomorrow?

yep, tomorrow was no issue.

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I’ll get him in your lineup for tonight today or tomorrow.

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Same thing is happening with me and Gary Trent Jr. (I’m on the other side of this trade), I’ve got him in an F spot for the Weekly lineup, but Daily and current lineup shows him on the bench.

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I’ll sort this for you tomorrow too. Something is really sure that those players that are on your team aren’t on your team.

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Checking in on this, should we be planning our roster today under the assumption you can put Bol Bol as one of our UTIL games yesterday?

Yes, I may not get to this until tomorrow but I will sort it.

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Bol Bol and Gary Trent Jr. have been retroactively inserted into the two lineups. Their stats should be included shortly - let me know if not.

I’m investigating the underlying problem.


I believe the underlying problem should be resolved now.