Reduce the number of player pages that open in a new tab

I understand reasons for against. One very annoying reason for it would be when using a Google chrome favorite on mobile… when you click on player profiles and / or FG profiles new pages continually pop up.

Is this a user issue and some setting I can change? I’ve heard others have the same annoyance. Any help on stopping this would be appreciated.

Do you mean when you click on a player’s name for their Ottoneu Player Page, that page opens up in a new tab? Or are there a number of “new tabs” created that aren’t just the player page?

Yes. Every time. And for whatever reason the same thing happens half the time when opening up the FG link on a players page.

I was wondering if there is an easy setting fix I’m not aware of but like I said I’ve heard others say the same thing. So I did not think it was a user issue.

I’ve never had this feedback before and it sounds like a bug.

Could you tell me what are in the other tabs that are created? Blank?

And let me know what kind of device you see this behavior on, etc.

If anyone else has seen this, please chime in with details. Thank you!

I use an iPhone and Google chrome app. And no. It’s not a bug as in it’s not working. It still open the correct page. It just opens up a new tab

So if I have 2 tabs open in the app and click on a players ON page. I now have 3 tabs open. So in and so forth. Obviously not an issue on a computer.

Oh, I definitely misunderstood. This is by design in some parts of the site. It depends on where you are when you click the player’s name. On the league home page it should not do that. On other parts of the site where you may still want to see the original page you were on (i.e. the draft room) it will open in a new tab.

This behavior is consistent across desktop and mobile.

If there is specifically a page you are on where you click a player’s name and you want that to NOT open in a new tab, please let me know.

Oh ok. I gotcha.

Ok so on the roster organizer that is good feedback - player pages open by default in a new tab there on both desktop and mobile. Maybe on that page it is more annoying than helpful.

Personally, I prefer the site design as is. I’ve never had an issue with opening up a new tab because hitting back closes the tab. Or at least it does on my Android running Chrome; Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Android 9. The same is also true on my iPad.


There are two competing goals here:

  1. Anyone using a website can click and hold on a link and open in a new tab if that is what they want, so just let people make the decision themselves
  2. In the auction draft if you accidentally click a link and it did NOT open in a new window, you’d be pulled out of the auction draft. This would be bad! This logic somewhat is true for lineups and roster organizer too, but maybe less so - taking someone out of that context entirely is bad, so open player pages in new tabs.

So, that’s the tension and figuring out where it makes sense to stick with 1 vs 2 is I think where people will vary slightly.

Aside from that, I do want to make sure clicking on a FanGraphs player page link from an Ottoneu player page does not open a new tab, and I will investigate that closer tonight or tomorrow.


I want to bump this. I find this behavior very annoying on mobile devices, because I end up with dozens of tabs I have to close one by one. It’s fine on desktop.

Even on desktop though I’d rather right click and open a new tab when that’s what I want.