Replacement owner needed (4x4, Ohtani)


We’ve just wrapped up year 11 of our 4x4 roto keeper league. If you’re not familiar with this scoring system, it is meant to be more saber-friendly than the traditional 5x5 by eliminating arbitrary statistics like wins and saves. The four hitting categories are R, HR, OBP, and SLG. The four pitching categories are K, ERA, WHIP, and HR/9.

We are looking for a replacement owner for this team, whose owner has had to cut back on fantasy baseball time after spending about 6-7 years in the league:

It’s not the best team in the world, but it’s cheap and you get to start your dynasty with Ohtani.

Looking for an owner who is active and knowledgeable. The league is very active and has been in continuous use since 2011. The league is set to the lowest buy in tier on OttoNeu, $20 for the year without prize payouts. If you have any interest or would like to know more about the scoring system, team, or league dynamics, please reply to this post or message me directly. Ideally we are looking for someone to take the team soon so that that owner can have maximum offseason impact and have plenty of time to reshape their team through trades before the keeper deadline on 31 January.

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This spot has been filled. @PillsburyFlowboy you can just do this instead of flagging the post for deletion.

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