Requesting League Rankings Ottoneu and OPL

Good afternoon! Love the new OPL and always enjoyed reading rankings in prior years on overall league stats. I know in our league those monthly postings keep some of the bottom team managers engaged throughout the year. An OPL projection of remaining 100 teams would be interesting as well but I would first rather have the League Rankings. Thanks for all you do and hope to get an OPL t-shirt!

I think @eamuscatuli runs these so it isn’t really a good Wishlist item. I’ll update the section of the site this post is in and hopefully Justin has some ideas!

Thank you!

Yes. I’m in the toughest league in Ottoneu and want confirmation of the power rankings - confirmation that I’m right or that I’m a whiner :slight_smile: Actually maybe it’s both whatever the results are!

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Any update here? I was hoping for something like Ottoneu Power Rankings: July 2020 – Points Above but I don’t see any more recent version. In that post our league was 9th at that point last year and I’m curious how we’re doing this year!

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