Retroactively Granting Stats / Setting Lineups

Is there a way for the commissioner to set a lineup for an abandoned team? I want to do this for league competitiveness issues and to make the team more attractive to a new owner. I am not talking about the commissioner actively managing the team. I just want to set a reasonable lineup as a temporary bridge to a new owner.

Sorry if I missing something obvious in the commissioner tools.


In H2H I think Ottoneu is setup so we face each team twice, if your league is H2H it might be easier (and more fair) to just make it an automatic victory for the opponent of the abandoned team. Makes sure it doesn’t affect the competitive balance.

I’m not sure it it would really matter in a points Ieague. If the team is doing well somebody might be more likely to add and actively manage it midseason.

There is not currently a way for commissioners to set lineups for teams in their league other than their own. There are folks still looking for teams for this season:

Hopefully you can find a replacement owner before tomorrow!

Thanks! That is what I hoping for!