Roster & Cap Data on Lineup Page

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It’s a small thing, but I’d like to see the Roster Limit and Roster Cap information that is currently available on the roster tab also included on the top right of the Lineup page. I’m constantly flipping back and forth when trying to figure out how much I want to bid on an auction vs. where they might be played in my lineup, and it would just be easier to show this information in both places. There is adequate space on the top of the lineup page too.


Bring back money available to bid on current auctions page

Amazing. I just logged in to make this wishlist request.

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That team page probably just needs to go. Lineups and roster organizer should have all that info.



I like the team page but if salary info was available on the lineup page that’s probably good enough. Especially if the links to other teams in the league went to their lineups



I use the team page a lot because sometimes I want to know trade block for just one team PLUS who else he has on his roster, and his budget situation, if I am looking to suggest a win-win trade. If you want to condense everything onto the lineups page, then I would want the team page elements (such as trade block) to at least end up at the bottom of the lineups page.



Yeah that’s what I meant by the word "all. Everything from the team page, not just roster and cap info.



Roster and cap info has been added to the auction page



Roster and cap info has been added to the lineup page as well.

I think the Team page will have to continue existing for now, because it becomes important in the offseason. So I’m marking this as resolved for now!

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