Roster Management and the 60-Day IL

Sorry if this is answered somewhere…I did a cursory search and couldn’t find anything…just looking for someone to confirm/correct my thought process before I make a dumb move.

I’m in first in my league, up against the WC who has been consistently out scoring me the last 2-3 months. This is (partly) because I now have 14 guys on some form of the IL, even after some trades and drops. I am currently at 48 of 48 on my roster, and my most droppable guys (no long term value/open the most salary) are all on 60-Day, COVID, or SUSP. Hypothetically, If I were to drop one of these guys, that would be detrimental, correct? I’d then go from 48 of 48 to 47 of 46, since I’d lose their initial spot plus their “extra” spot? Or would it just drop to 47 of 47, still being a useless - but less detrimental - drop?

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Right. Cutting guys on the 60 day IL frees up cap space, but it won’t help you free up roster spots.

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If you cut someone on the 60IL or similar, you will lose an available roster spot and a used roster spot. You’d go to 47 used and 47 spots from a 48/48 starting point.