Season totals for prospects reset when promoted to a new level

The season totals for prospects in the roster and lineup pages show cumulative statistics across all levels. It would be helpful if these totals reset to zero when a prospect is promoted. For example, Eloy Jimenez was recently promoted from AA to AAA. Instead of showing cumulative results, it would be easier to monitor his progress at a new level if the page showed AAA only.

I went back to revisit this code because I recall there being some subtle reason why the site was totaling up all minor league stats for a player’s season on the roster and lineup pages, regardless of level. Right now the site treats different levels in the minors the same as it treats being traded or otherwise playing on multiple teams in the majors. So the site is adding up all of Eloy Jimenez’s minor league stats across all levels in the same way it is adding up all the stats across all teams for some player who was traded midseason. The aggregation makes sense in the latter case but maybe does not make sense in the former case.

This is just a little bit of context, but knowing this, I think it will be pretty easy to separate out those two scenarios.