Seeing "Ottoneu" in big letters instead of the site

Is anyone else having upload issues? It used to just happen every once in awhile now its almost every day. When I go from one league to the next sometimes I get Ottoneu in big letters after it take like 30 Secs to load. Dont know if its a chrome issue or a site problem?

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This can happen if you have a poor connection to our CDN. You are the only person who has repeatedly mentioned this to me and my understanding is that a refresh usually fixes this issue. The CDN is not something I have control over and has nothing to do with our connectivity. It is an external service that is meant to speed up delivery of certain files.

I for one never have an issue with CDN connectivity.

I do see this on the regular when swapping from league to league. But I generally attribute it to being on a VPN on my desktop–when not on my desktop or not routing through the VPN, I don’t believe I’ve seen it all that regularly.

For instance, not 15 minutes later:



I have run speed test just to make sure the issue was not on my end. I am operating close to 1237 mbps so I dont think its a speed issue or connectivity issue. My issues are like doorbot when switching leagues i get a delay for sometimes over 10 secs then I get the above post.

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I’ll check out swapping leagues and what might be going on there. I admittedly don’t use the league switcher that often.

I’ve encountered this sporadically before.

Today is the first time it persisted after reloading the page and navigating elsewhere.

Yeah you caught me while I was literally fixing this. That is pretty funny.

This issue should happen way less often now.