Seeking owners - FGPts $50 tier

I’m looking for owners to take over teams in our FGPts league; 2020 will be the league’s 4th year:

  • This team - with Strasburg, Harper, Machado, and Rizzo, is definitely available

  • This team - with Vlad Jr, Bell, Lux, Whitley, T. Rogers, and some strong prospects is most likely available

Please reach out if you’re interested - we’d love to have you!

I’m looking for a league and have some interest in the 2nd team possibly.

If you want that team, it’s yours - we’d love to have you!. Let me know and I can get you added.

Interested in team 2 but will join with team 1

Yeah, I’m very interested in the team.

How active is the league? Are owners active in the offseason? I would definitely want to make some moves.

The league is pretty active - it obviously goes in waves during the offseason. There have consistently been offseason trades, etc…the last few years, but an injection of new blood and different perspectives on players always helps!

Thanks for your interest - team 1 is still available and we’d love to get you on board. Would you like me to add you as the owner?

Yes please add me

You’re in - welcome!

Please add me, I’m in for the Vlady team.

Done - welcome aboard!