Should a new league use custom loan rules?


I am reading thru the rules and trying to understand the game as much as possible to help explain it to my friends that I am creating a league with. One of the most unique rules coming from a CBS league is loans during trades. I have searched the message boards and have found some people add their own rules to limit loans or stuff like that. For a brand new league, with all rookie Ottoneu players, what would you recommend be our loan rules? To go with the standard, or implement something custom?


You should use the default rules. Custom rules artificially limit the trade market.

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I agree 100%, if you’re new to Ottoneu, I highly recommend just going with all the standard default rules/settings, before you dip your toe in the waters of extra rules/add-ons.

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The purpose of the loan regulations is to prevent a team from tanking in order to rebuild (e.g., trade a bunch of high end talent for elite prospects), which can dramatically alter the competitive balance in the league. In a first year league, this is less of a concern since the elite prospects likely all went for retail value (or more) at auction (e.g., you’re not going to see a $4 Franco or whatever). So it’s really not necessary, IMHO.

If you’re in a mature league with experienced Ottoneu players, then it may be something to consider (although I’ve never played in a league with such rules).

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