Show point change column on dashboard

I’d be curious what others here think, but I think on the Dashboard page (showing all your teams) I’d rather have a daily “CHG” indicator than the total overall number of points (or maybe both). Showing your place in the standings and daily change would be a great way quick look on that page


Plenty of room on the dashboard for both. I’ll work on that this week.

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Ok, this has been deployed - you should now see a CHG column on your user dashboard. It won’t be showing a lot right now, since games for the day haven’t started yet.


Any chance we can see point change from previous night until 10 am like we can see live stats? I think it shows on home page until then, just not on the Dashboard.

Also any insight why inputting auction bids on mobile is so slow? Samsung phone.

I’m actively working on the dashboard point changes for roto games. I believe points games should not be affected and are showing the changes properly, but roto games were showing the wrong point change.

If you have a separate issue, please start a new thread rather than go off-topic on this thread.

The dashboard should now be showing proper point movements for all scoring types up until 10am ET. Of course, I wrapped up this work shortly after 10am, so I’ll confirm tomorrow.

The morning after my screen always show 0 for point change on the dashboard. All my leagues are fg points, which you say are not an issue (but seem to be for me).

-“If you have a separate issue, please start a new thread rather than go off-topic on this thread.”
Not sure you intended this to be rude, but it came off that way…just trying to point out a bug in your product so you can make it better.

Sorry man, didn’t mean to be rude. Just wanna track each issue separately so if other folks have the same issue, they can give feedback and track it, etc.

The change I just pushed (again, after 10am, so can’t verify that it worked) should affect all scoring types. Looking back through it, I imagine the same issue was affecting points and roto leagues. After 10am, everyone will see a 0point change, but before 10am, the dashboard was showing a point change as if each team had 0 points “today” and lost all their points.

The league homepages did not have this issue, so I aligned the two.

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