Sort not working on search page

Breaking this out, since it is an issue and I’ll investigate it.

When I click on the Salary column, I see sorting, but no where else. Kind of curious…

This has been fixed. Had some bad JS in there, as one does from time to time. Thanks for the note!

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sorry i never can figure out where to find the answers without bothering u …thanks

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Niv… now the sort only sorts players that have played in a game (A’s and Mariners players). I’m filtering for RPs who are free agents. When I sort by own% it only sorts the players who have played a game this year, the rest below are unsorted.

Ok will check this out.

Sorting is working as expected for me. If you are still seeing issues, please try clearing your browser’s cache.

Okay will do, thanks…

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It’s been brought to my attention that players who have no stats are coming up in search ahead of players who do have stats when sorting in descending order. So if you wanted to see what FA OF has the most HRs so far, you’d have to scroll past all the FA OFs in your league that haven’t played yet. This isn’t great! So I’m looking into it.

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I’ve made some progress here. The Games column still does not sort correctly, but all the other stats columns should put players with stats ahead of players without stats.