Standings - range mode not working correctly?

Hello! Is anyone noticing that the ranged mode for stats is not taking into account April 1 stats correctly for p/pg and most other stats?

When I do April 1 to April 1 - it’s shows stats for that day

When I do April 1 to April 2 - it’s only showing stats for April 2nd. Not counting/showing April 1.

When I do the range from April 1 to today, it’s not showing the total points scored correctly for my team. Any thoughts?

League 1248

This is the same thing happening in this thread:

There’s basically not a great way of saying “including this date” for Opening Day.

For the record, it is totally confusing (as is the behavior in the other thread) and I’m not marking either as ‘resolved’ but it may be a while before I can wrap my head around how to properly tell the site that sometimes there should be a day BEFORE Opening Day.

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This is helpful Niv, thank you! When we are reading P/PG on the standings (when not using the ranged mode), is that including Opening day? I assume it is because points are correct.

Thank you!

Yep it is. Once you start doing date ranges the general way to do that is to subtract the beginning from the end and that’s when things get wild.

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