Startup Fangraph Points League NOW FULL

UPDATED: Hello everyone, I’ve started a new league that is $20, FgPts, and will include mostly brand new or newer to Ottoneu level owners.

I have 10 already, 4 of which are vet fantasy baseball players in my long running keep 9 yahoo fantasy league. I’ve been playing for 1.5 years after taking over a team in league 586.

I’m looking for 2 more owners, especially interested in owners who would like to play in a startup with some new to ottoneu players.

Let me know if interested and I’ll send an invite!

UPDATE: League is now full. Thanks to everyone for the interest and for reaching out. If anything changes I will send messages to individual accounts with an invite. Thanks again and good luck this year!

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I’ve got 8 owners now, looking for 4 more! Message for an invite if you’d like to join!

Hi, I’m interested. I’ve played ottoneu before but honestly didn’t give it enough time and would like to play again. Total start up right? Can you give me more details?

This is a total start up, league starting from scratch! I sent you a message with details and invite!

I’d be interested in learning more, my first league is dying out. I’ve only been playing for a little over two years.

Sent you a message with details and an invite!

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Hey haroldlutz, if there is a spot still open in the league I would love to join.

Thanks for the consideration.

I’d be game. My buddy is 1/3

Looks like I might be a bit late but a longtime fantasy vet looking for a completely new league to play Ottoneu for the first time. If you end up with an open spot still remaining I’d be very interested.

Hello everyone, thanks for the interest. I’ve had a lot of people reach out. I currently have a full league now but if anything changes I’ll reach out through a message. Thanks for the interest and reaching out! :slight_smile: