Stats Added for Jalen Beeks despite being in wrong pitcher position

Yesterday I had put Jalen Beeks in the SP position because FanGraphs had listed him as a potential opener. Since it was the 2nd game of a doubleheader, the starter wasn’t announced til after the first game and it turns out Beeks was not used as an opener. He did come into the game as a reliever though, giving up 5 hits in 1.2 innings and ending up with a negative score.

Since Beeks was in my SP position, the “Today’s Stats” page accurately shows no points for him. However, the standings page shows a points total that is 1.6 points less than what I should have, and I have an extra 1.2 innings added to my stats, which is exactly what Beeks would have gotten for me.

Obviously this is incorrect since Beeks was not in the proper position. Please adjust the score/stats as necessary. This is for league #553. Thanks!

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This will be corrected shortly. I also imagine any H2H teams that had Beeks as a starter lost a GS yesterday, this will also be corrected shortly.

This should now be fixed.

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Thanks Niv!

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