Suggestion to move the January 31 lock date to February 1

Currently owners will be locked out on January 31 if they haven’t renewed by said date. I’d like to suggest to move that date to February 1, because of the very important roster deadline. I’ve had a couple of leaguemates last month asking for help deep at night (CET) on January 31, because separate issues with PayPal prevented them from executing the cuts themselves - after surprisingly being locked out on deadline day.

One would perhaps say that ideally you’d like to see league owners perform their cuts well in advance, but in practice you’ll always encounter a few owners who either like to wait for the latest info or simply like to procrastinate.

Moving the deadline one day will give well-intentioned owners the chance to follow league protocol without issues, while still risking expiring their team if they don’t renew in 10 days. If you haven’t renewed by then, it’s fair to say you probably deserved the expiration.

I hope you will consider!


The renew-by date was 1 year exactly after your last renewal date up until this year.

Going forward, the renew by date is January 31 of the following year. This forces owners to make a commitment to their team and league before the keeper deadline, so leagues can have an easier time understanding their league’s situation going into the keeper deadline.

The answer to the problem you raised is to renew your team before the absolute last second, since there is no benefit to waiting to renew your team if you know you want to have it for the upcoming season.


I agree that people ought to not procrastinate, but I think the renewal date will work better if it is moved earlier or later. If you want people to commit to next year before finishing cuts, then move it earlier. Or (as DoubleUD stated and I agree) just push it a day later and let it be separate from the final cuts process. I don’t see any advantage to mixing the two deadlines together.

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I am with Niv on this one. We had a guy join one of our leagues this year. This guy claimed 14 teams since Oct. My concern with him was validated when I asked the league to pay the fees before the draft. This was the only guy that wanted to push the date back til after the draft. The guy quit the league due to the fact he didn’t want to pay the fee. Guys like this can ruin a fantasy season for everyone. Mismanage the team then quit after the draft if they dont like the outcome. All for the fee being paid by Jan 31.

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I think that is an argument for fees being due Nov 15, which I would be fine with. The original post suggested Feb 1, not after the draft.

I’m in the league with FBC. My concern is for other leagues that don’t realize that this guy intends to draft and then not pay the league fee, particularly money leagues where presumably a non-payment would result in a reduction of the prize pool. I forget his username or I would personally contact the commissioners of his other leagues to give them a heads up on this joker.

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Are there leagues that draft in January? That is the only way I can see that problem happening. The only ways to avoid that problem:

  1. Niv moves payment deadline to before the earliest drafts.
  2. Early drafters wait until February.

We’re drafting on February 22nd. The issue is that last year (our first year) we drafted in mid/late March. The team that the guy took over had a renewal date in mid/late March (i.e., after our draft).

It won’t be an issue in future years with the 01/31 renewal deadline. But the old system allowed for this type of abuse.

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The advantage is reducing the number of dates to pester people on from 2 down to 1. People are more likely to remember and to be excited to cut players than to pay for their teams. Piggybacking on top of the cut deadline is the best time to get commitments for the upcoming season, both in terms of roster construction and in terms of payment.

Adding another 24 hours to pay for a team will result in more teams cutting players and then not renewing. That does not seem like an improvement. By pushing to one minute after the keeper deadline instead of the day before the keeper deadline, the amount of procrastinators saved is going to be small.

I’ll see how it goes this season - leagues have a lot of tools at their disposal to help out owners who miss the keeper deadline for whatever reason, and there is a 10 day grace period for owners to renew their teams after their renewal date has passed, so I am not entirely sure what problem is trying to be solved by changing the dates off what has already been announced. If there are major problems in 2020, I’ll definitely be paying attention.

That’s a fair point. As a commissioner, I agree it is easier to combine two dates into one. FWIW, I think of arb as beginning of new season, so I would prefer to combine payment date with that one, so turnover happens all at once, instead of checking who is staying in for arb, and then dealing with recruiting again after Jan 31. But this is a minor point. Thanks for making Ottoneu an excellent game!

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