Team Available in Did It All for the Rookies

We have a team available in our League “Did It All for the Rookies.”
The Team’s current name is Mad Teeth FBC. $100+ Salary Cap Currently Available.
Team includes K. Bryant, J. Rodriquez, J. DeGrom, J. Luzardo, L. Gilbert, A. Vaughn and J. India.
Please contact me if interested in a takeover of the team. Competitive League with Great owners.

Is this team still available?

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Thank you for your interest. Team is Mad Teeth FBC available.
Have a great weekend.


Found them. What is the entry fee? I’d like in.

I will make the Team abandoned and you can claim for $20.00
I will make change now. Welcome and Good Luck.

Scott T

Sounds good. I’m not exactly sure how to claim.

Click Ottoneu Dashboard.
Should be an Option to “Claim a Team”
Look for Mad Teeth FBC. (I posted the team minutes ago.
Good Luck. Let me know if your are successful.
Thank you.

Scott T

Did you find the Claim option? Thanks.
Have a good weekend.

Done. Looking forward to the season.