Team entering annual draft with 20 players of 41 (not 40) slots

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One of the 20 is Reyes Moronta, who is on the 60IL. The system shows a 20 out of 41 for this team. Shouldn’t he be counted among the 40 and not given an extra roster spot? Background: the owner picked up the team after the keeper deadline and made a one-time cut of 18-19 players. We have our annual draft tomorrow (2/22@1000 EST) so we’ll make it work and follow rule II.c, but wanted to alert you. Perhaps there is an error in the system…

My team has 41 roster spots due to a 60IL player, so 32 of 41. In the draft room, I have 8 free roster spots. Teams can’t take advantage of the extra roster spot until the auction draft is marked as done.

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OK, thanks for the quick reply.

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