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Is there something wrong with the Team Schedule page functionality in H2H leagues? All I see when clicking on it is each week and a link to the full schedule in each week, but not my matchup(s) for the weeks.

It would be helpful to see the link that you are trying to view.

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Here’s the link.

This is the link for Storming the Castillo (great team name)

What do you see when you click on this:

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Thanks!! And I see the full league schedule with that link.

So you’re saying on that first link you shared you do not see any games at all? I see every game for Storming the Castillo.

Correct. I see no games.

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Had a theory, so I switched to desktop view and I see all of my team’s games. When I switched back to the mobile site, I can’t see any games again.

Yeah, it was an issue with the mobile site. It is now fixed.

In general its helpful to 1) include a link, 2) share what device you are using.


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Thanks Niv!!! I’ll definitely remember that! Apologies for making it more challenging!!

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I’m just glad we got it working quickly! Bug catcher badge for @troy

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