Teams Available in a Great $100 FgPts league!

We have three teams available in a great $100 FgPts league that will be going into it’s 11th season next year! One of the teams is available to be claimed now through the claim a team page, the other two are available but their previous managers agreed to stay on and submit place-holder arbitration if a new manager isn’t identified before then. So if you’re interested in either of the second or third teams listed below just let me know and I’ll swap you in!

Available to be claimed now:

Available as well … if you let me know you want one of these two, I’ll swap you in as manager!

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading!

First team has been claimed. The other two are still available if you’re looking for a great $100 FgPts league!

Two of the above teams have been filled, but we still have one of the above along with one more available:

This roster has a blend of veterans and younger players such as Judge, Goldschmidt, Bogaerts, Suzuki, Snell, along with Evan Carter, etc

This is more of a younger roster with guys like Witt, Alonso, McLain, Chourio, Skubal, etc:

Again, this is a good, fun $100 FgPts league!

Thanks for looking, and good luck everyone!

One team left, available to be claimed! Very active $100 FgPts league!

This is a young roster coming out of a rebuild with a lot of young MLB players to build around, and hsould have lots of money to supplement it with at the draft! Witt, Alonso, McLain, Chourio, Skubal, etc.