Three Openings in League #844 (FGPts, $50)

The Bat FIPs and BABIPs league just finished its second year and is losing three owners due to time constraints. The league uses FanGraphs points, has a $50 buy-in, and is generally very active. We also have small, separate minor league rosters (five players); there will be a new minor league draft (with keepers) ahead of the 2020 season (see 5MiLB rosters here:

The three teams are:

If you are interested, let me know!

What does redraft mean here? Like no keepers to effectively it make it a new league but keepers the following seasons?

Sorry, that was unclear. There’s a new minor league draft held every year, with keepers permitted. Ottoneu auction drafts are conducted normally.

Above post has been edited to clarify.

still need a new owner?

Yep, the three above teams remain open.

I’m interested in Baseballs R Hard if it’s still available

The Baseballs R Hard team has been taken (by Philm115). We are still looking for owners for the following teams:

Let me know if you’re interested!