Time zone bug after server migration

Someone in my league is based in Europe (Italian time zone), and he said his draft notice bar doesn’t show his time zone properly:

in my page I see a strange message (never seen before): “Draft Day: Saturday, March 6, 2021 11:00 PM +04”.

Ok I will check this out!

Just went to my user profile, set my time zone to Rome, and I saw CET on the league home page’s draft banner as my timezone, not an offset or anything like that.

The person in your league is more than welcome to email help@ottoneu.com or post here and we can uncover what they are seeing.

Will do. Thanks!

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This user reached out to me and we got him squared away.

Moving servers means some international timezones got set incorrectly. If you run into this kind of issue, double-check your Profile and make sure your timezone is set correctly.