Timing of Trade Block Update Emails

The timing of the system sending out a trade block update message could be improved. More often than not, the system sends a trade block update email when I’m partially through updating my block, so the whole league gets a partial list of the guys I posted or only gets my summary at the top and not the list of players or something like that. Then the remainder of my trade block updates are sent out in another email several hours later (6 hours?).

I like that there is only 1-2 trade block emails anytime someone updates their block compared to previously getting several. But, it’d be better if the system waited to send out the first email until after all of the updates were done. I don’t know what the system uses to trigger when the first trade block update email goes out, but it would be better if it was delayed longer. I don’t think anyone would mind if the email was delayed 15-30 min after they finished updating their block, and it’d make the one email much more useful than the two emails with partial information.

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I noticed this recently as well. I think the first email is sent anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes after the first update, it just kind of depends. I’ll make that first email send 15 minutes after the update every time.

Going forward the site will wait at least 15 minutes after the last update to the trade block before trying to send an email.

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