Tiny Ottoneu Football edge case bug

So I think I found a small edge case bug in the cut players “will/won’t be valid” logic in the Are you sure pop up.
I have 19 players and $0 left, and 2 IR players so 19/22 total. I went to cut 2 $2 players, one of which is on the IR, and it said that my team will be valid. But I believe that would leave me with 17 players and 2$ left, which is not valid? I dont want to actually make the cut since I’m pretty sure my team would still be in the red.
My guess is that this has something to do with me cutting a player on the IR?
My team -

A screenshot of what I am talking about with the “will be valid” image

Checking this out.

I think you are right that your team would be illegal. $2 but only 17 players rostered. I’m pulling a copy of the database so I can recreate exactly what you are doing here and see why the site is not telling truths.

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This should be fixed now.

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Can confirm it says my team would not be valid. Thanks!

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