Today's Stats Bug in Weekly Lineups 7/28

Had a trade process this morning in a weekly lineup league.

Players traded are no longer appearing in “Today’s Stats”, (they were active in lineup and those slots are no longer appearing) and incoming player is showing on my bench.

Lineup page is locked and correct.

Weekly lineups or daily?

Weekly lineups

Looks to be fixed.

Thanks Niv!

Wow ok. I didn’t do anything so maybe it just fixed itself?

This week in Slack we were talking about weekly leagues having a situation where players who were traded mid-week would be pulled from the trading team immediately, giving trades a very small window in which they could be executed.

If this is no longer the case (traded away players remain in lineups) that’s a good thing to note. But if the players you traded away disappear again, let me know.

Will keep an eye out.

I’ve always seen rosters (players, cap, etc.) update in real-time based on trade, but lineups adjust for the next scoring period.

This is the first time I’ve had an issue on the today’s stats page with players/lineup slots disappearing.