Trade-Block-like player name suggestions on other pages

On the Trade Block page, typing in player names leads to a sort of autofill player suggestion with their positions and costs.

Is this something that could be added to other areas of the site? For example, in the Inbox/Messaging.

I often botch player names and being able to pull in the player’s positions & cost, would help clear up who the communication is about and provide more relevant info to the other owner.

More than once I’ve seen owners get tripped up talking back and forth about a different ‘Diaz’ or ‘Gonzalez.’

On the trade block, those text boxes know that you’re most likely going to type in a player’s name, so every time a letter is added it does a quick search against the player database for the whole string you’ve typed in.

A bigger text box like the messages functionality or message board cannot work this way - constantly searching for player names within a longer string of text would be very slow and would not work very well at all.

Having worked at a large-ish sports media company I can tell you that automatically pulling player names out of a long string of text is a technically challenging problem more suitable for a professional content management system than a simple messaging system built into a fantasy sports paltform.

Turns out the simplest solution to getting tripped up on a name is to send a message asking for clarification.

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Quick question regarding this - and sorry it’s off topic - but in the trade block, where you can fill in “wanted” and it will auto fill players names: can only the current owner of that player see that or the whole league? If the latter, I struggle to see the point, maybe there’s something I’m missing? I generally only fill that section with positions because I’m not sure if I’m showing my hand on certain players. Mainly just looking for clarification here.

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Everyone can see it. If you want to make it public you want a single player, go for it. Otherwise you can put any string in there, ‘rebounds’ or ‘saves’ or ‘WR’ or whatever.