Transaction counts broken up by transaction type

I was thinking of creating a Google Sheets Transaction dashboard that could compile team metrics for adds and drops and so forth, but one challenge for crawling the transactions page is the pagination. Could a parameter be added too retrieve ‘all’ transactions?

Just for example, this league has over 360 pages of transactions at 50 per page

Generally I think it is more helpful for wishlist items to be specific about what the overall goal is rather than prescribe a solution. In this case, a single page with all transactions is a non-starter. It would go way too slow, and if the goal is to just have a total number of adds, cuts, moves on a per-team basis, there are more direct ways of getting that than:

  1. Building an unwieldy, slow page
  2. Having users scrape this page into Google Sheets
  3. Having users then write some Excel code to add up transactions by type

For example:

  1. I could show the numbers you’re interested in seeing somewhere on the site.

It would be helpful to get some more details about what “team metrics” you’d want to see, and I can look into how easy/hard it is to calculate them and where on the site they would fit.

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And here I thought I was making it easy :slightly_smiling_face:. (I also thought a download – like the roster download – would provide the same raw data.)

The idea comes from Ryan (Lupulin Galaxy 1211) on Slack. He asked if there was a place to see total moves by team and total moves by league. That got me thinking that total moves by type by season by team would be even better. Or perhaps total moves by type by team with a date range filter feature.


Might be worth shoehorning this into the Standings page, which already has a date range feature. Maybe a table of transaction counts for each team over the given date range.

If the easiest solution would be to hand over a huge list of transactions, believe me, I’d go that route as well. I just think that would be unwieldy and really slow for the site.

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