Trevor Larnach Jumped Out of Lineup

I had Trevor Larnach in my Util spot today 5/8. Just went to check my lineups and he’s back on my bench.

The system often marks players making their MLB debuts as out of the lineup even though they actually are. The only solution that I’m aware of is to disable autobench on days when you have a hitter making his debut.

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Oh, that’s right. I had autobench on. But autobench should not literally move a player out of a slot.

Is this something our commissioner could correct? I had the same thing happen. Saw on MLB he was starting, so put him in my lineup, only to have the auto bench pull him.

This is precisely what auto bench does in order to make room for teams to put in a replacement player.

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When I get a chance I’ll see how many people were affected by this and if possible put Larnach back in the lineup for them. Debut issues remain a pain point due to the number of moving parts and I’m working on solutions. If you see a debut that is showing up as a red x on the site please let me know ahead of game start time if possible.

I usually just set and forget. All of the explanation here makes sense. I think I just got caught off guard by something I don’t usually care about (replacing the player who is autobenched).

Well now I have Michael Chavis in there. And all of us Larnach boosters are like, uh, never mind.

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Maybe we just let this one slide…

Fyi, Larnach is showing out today, too, but is batting 9th. He also still has the AAA tag, not sure if that’s meaningful.

Yep Im looking into it.

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Our 2 day Trevor Larnach national nightmare is over. He is showing up as on the Twins and batting 9th today. His stats from yesterday should show up shortly. I am not going to move him back into anyone’s lineup who had him auto-benched, and going forward he should behave correctly.