Two Openings in $20 FGPTS League

Bull Durham League (52) is searching for new managers to take over Green Bregs and Ham and Licking the Struckies.

If you are still looking for a manager I would be interested in taking over. New to ottoneu but have been playing fantasy baseball for several years and am interested in the more competitive format.

I’m looking for another league for the future. So, if you’re still looking for someone, I might be interested. Played fantasy for about 15 years now, mostly on ESPN or Yahoo. Looking for a more compleyx environment. Already starting in another Ottoneu-league this year. I have to admit: I live in Europa. Makes it difficult sometimes with draft dates and stuff like that. Send a message when you want to know more.

Hi mrmadi2,

Sorry for the slow response; I was at a work conference. Thanks for your interest in the openings in Bull Durham. We still have the open spots, but we also have multiple interested parties. We have a competitive league where there are a lot of auctions and the player pool is almost always scraped clean. We are looking for an owner who is prepared to commit to the league long-term. Can you tell me more about your fantasy background and what are you looking for in a league?

Steve (The Caimans)

I have been playing in a keeper league for the last five years on the CBS platform. It is a head to head points format that has been highly customized. It is pretty competitive as over the 6 years the league has been competing there have been 5 different winners (including me in 2019). I am new to the auction/payroll budgeting system and I am sure I will have some growing pains with that but am excited to learn the intricacies and how to become successful with it. I am looking for a league that is friendly and competitive yet stable so that I can test myself against it over time and grow in this new format.

Hi mrmadi2, I’ve got four candidates for the two open spots, so I am bringing potential owner profiles forward to the league for discussion. I’ll try to hold a vote soon so any new owners can get oriented prior to arbitration season. I’ll keep you posted.