Two openings in longtime $20 FG Pts league

Last year we had a new champion after previous one had a 4-year run. Three teams over 19,700 pts, 4 rebuilding teams under 15K.

We need to replace “Apocalyptic Squirrels” and “Jose’s Unfinished Tattoo”.
DM me if you want one of these.

Lost our two new owners this year; both disappeared in March when everything shut down, and they haven’t been replying, so this is your chance!

We are pretty hands off about your trades, so read the note at the bottom of our League Settings page if you have strong feelings about league culture.

Now we have one opening: “Jose’s Unfinished Tattoo”

I’d love a shot. UK baseball fan who can’t join a yahoo league as I’m not US based.


Sorry. We filled this last slot, and I neglected to post it here. I hope you can find something. Maybe ask to be added to the Ottoneu Slack group, as it has an owners wanted channel.

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