TWO owners needed in long-running $20 FG Pts league #179

Hey everyone, my league needs two owners for a competitive and friendly FanGraphs points league. We’ve been around since 2012 and only had a few openings over the years. Let me know if you’re interested or just join if you’re ready!

*League Champion and Victorious Secret are the open teams. They’re not bad!

I could play. Not a points league vet but lots of classic and custom roto experience

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Awesome, check out the league and let me know what team you’d prefer. Both are still open.

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Victorious Secret squad I guess

I will get to make some cuts right? lol

Yep, you will get one round of free cuts.

Hey there, not sure if you saw my DM but I’m interested in the remaining team if it’s not already spoken for!

Hi, check your DMs. Thanks!

If there are any openings left or any open up, please let me know.