Two-way players on the lineup page

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We’re getting close to the season and there are some quirks on moving Ohtani (and other two-way players) around compared to non-two-way players. I thought I’d document those quirks as they exist today here.

  1. If you want to move a two-way player to the bench, make sure you look at the “hitters” portion of the lineup page. Two-way players can only live on the hitters bench.
  2. In order to move a two-way player into an active slot, the slot has to be empty. Move whoever is there to the bench first, and then move your two-way player in.
  3. Relatedly, if you want to move another player into a slot that currently has a two-way player in it, you will need to move the two-way player to the bench.

There aren’t deep philosophical reasons for this, just technical ones that simplified implementing two-way players. Two-way players (primarily Shohei Ohtani, but who knows what the future will hold) will require a few more clicks to move around your lineup page than traditional players, and eventually I hope to make all players equally simple to swap around.

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