Update Free Agent Leaderboard for 2022

It looks like the Ottoneu Free Agent Leaderboard on FanGraphs still loads player stats from 2021 by default. Can that be updated so that it loads the 2022 season?

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Will see what’s up, thought I fixed that already.

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Both the FA leaderboard and the sortable stats link are loading 2022 leaderboards for me.

Hey Niv -

I see 2021 after clicking on I “Searching for free agents? Try out the FanGraphs Free Agent Leaderboard

I’m still seeing it over here as well, I’m afraid. Both of my leagues (184 and 950), on both desktop and mobile so I don’t think it’s a caching issue or anything.

Ah thanks! Will fix.

Ok fixed the “Looking for Free Agents?” link.

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Working on my end, too. Thanks, Niv!

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