Waiver Claim Page Has Wrong Time

Not a big deal, but the waiver claim date for Luis Patino should be “12:06 PM” but instead says “12:06 AM” on the “Waiver Claim” page. Interestingly, it has the correct time on Patino’s player page.

Oh oh I just fixed this on the player page. I know this one.

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I lied! The issue here is maybe something else. Going to investigate further.

Please let me know if you have a custom timezone set and what it is set to if you see this issue.


I’ve never set a custom time zone. I’m on Eastern time.

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There are 4 players on waivers in league 1 right now. Their times are all showing correctly:

For the one you shared earlier, Patino cleared waivers by like 4 minutes before I got a chance to look, so I wasn’t able to see this bug in action. Keeping an eye out, and if anyone runs into this please let me know.