Waiver Priority Bug?

Hi Niv. In 752, Kyle Gibson just got claimed on waivers. The first place team got him. I am in third place, and I had put in a claim. Seems like I should have gotten him, right?

Full disclosure: There’s a small chance I hadn’t clicked the “update claims” button yet, after checking the box by Gibson’s name on the Waiver Claims page. If so, then obviously this is user error and nothing else.

Thanks in advance for checking, and sorry if it turns out I’m being a ding-dong.

I can check - do you guys have playoffs by chance? I realized earlier that I hadn’t updated auctions to check for standings as of the beginning of the playoffs, and I probably need to make that same change for waivers.

I’ve confirmed there was a bug with waivers along the lines of what I wrote earlier and have fixed it.

I’ve also confirmed that @GRPhilipp forgot to click “Update Claims”. :grimacing:

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No playoffs in 752. I’m sorry for blaming the software for my own mistake. Glad you unearthed something useful, so it wasn’t a complete waste of your time. Thanks for the quick response!

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Yeah no worries. There are about … 5 of these a year, where someone thinks they made a claim and didn’t. Even though this is a pretty rare event, I still think the site can be improved to help out here - you shouldn’t need to take two steps to make or remove a waiver claim, enabling/disabling the checkbox should really be enough. So, I’ve flagged this as something to improve in the off-season.

Sorry to necropost, but this seemed like the best place. I think this has been an issue in the past, but the team in first place won a player on waivers. See Mitch Keller, league 639, where my team also had a claim. Thanks!

Thanks for reporting. I’ll investigate asap.

I’ve made some changes to try to address waiver claims. I believe there was an issue when waivers were processed around midnight ET, which has since been fixed.

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